Friday, August 20, 2010

Photos taken pre-op on 20 August 2010

This one was taken a couple of months ago - Just added it to show how much clothes can actually hide

The day before

It's Friday evening and only a couple of hours before I have to go into hospital.

Surgery is set for 9am tomorrow morning. I am really hoping it will be at that time as the wait is killing me.

Had a bit of a breakdown about an hour ago with the anxiety but feeling a bit more relaxed now. Have tried to remain positive and not think too much about the surgery but am finding it really difficult. Husband has been heaven sent support and I can only say that he is definitely my rock :)

Not sure if I will have internet access at the hospital but husband is under strict instructions to find out and to take my laptop to me as soon as I am awake.

Will try and update as soon as I can.

KEEP SMILING - life is short so enjoy every minute

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One day closer

Today was a relaxing day. Although it is Thursday, today is the equivalent of Saturday in the western world.

Spent the day at home relaxing with the hubby and daughter and then went out in the evening for a meal with some good friends. Also took the opportunity to stop and buy the first batch of vitamins that I will need to start taking every day once the operation is done.

The only dedicated vitamin and supplement store that I know of where we live is GNC so that is where I went to buy what I need. What I bought today was WOMEN'S ULTRA MEG; DAILY CALCIUM SUPPORT and BIOTIN 10MG.

Tomorrow is the day before the operation and the start of my new life. Still very anxious and nervous but can't wait to start living again :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Date has been set

Just back from the surgeon. Date is set and I will have the op on Saturday morning. Yes, that's right this Saturday.

Very anxious and nervous but will try to relax - I know that this is the right thing to do for me and it will all work out.

My rebirth is on Saturday - one day short of my 23rd wedding anniversary. What a gift my hubby is giving me :) - The chance to have a new healthier and skinny life. Love you forever babes and thanks for being there for me through the good and the bad.

Wish me luck - I'm now definitely on my way to a thinner and healthier life.

All clear from cardiologist

Had my final tests this afternoon for the cardiologist and now have the all clear from that side as well. What a great feeling to know that my ticker is actually doing ok................

Will be seeing the bariatric surgeon later this evening and really hoping he will be able to set the date for the operation. The longer I wait the more nervous I get so it will be better to just get it all over and done with.

Will check in later and update with what has been decided.

Cardiovascular stress test with treadmill - SR700 (Australian $208 - American $187 - South African R1,354)
Doppler Echocardiography - SR300 (Australian $89 - American $80 - South African R581)

Feeling very anxious and nervous

Have the appointment for further heart function tests at 1.30 this afternoon.

Am feeling very anxious and nervous about this test and have a major headache from stressing about it.

Can't wait to get this last set of tests over and done with................

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spirometry test for lung function

Today was the day I had the Spirometry test. Took about an hour for the testing and then went and had appointment with the pulmonologist so that he could review the results and give me his findings.

The test itself is not difficult. It is a bit tiring because of the effort in breating but otherwise not bad. Testing is normally done in a booth (like a telephone box) whilst you are seated but because of being large I had to do it outside of the box whilst standing.

Have been given the all clear by the pulmonologist. He says that from the testing there seems to be no narrowing of the main breathing tubes and there should be no problems (lung wise) with me having the operation.

I am sooooooooooooo happy to get the all clear on this one. Smoking way too many cigs for way too many years made me rather anxious to find out whether I had completely damaged my lungs.

Tomorrow is the follow up testing with the cardiologist and then another appointment with the bariatric surgeon when I will hopefully get to set the date.

I am feeling anxious about tomorrow's tests on my heart and have everything crossed that it will all be good and that I will be given the all clear.

Spirometry - SR350 (Australian $104 - American $94 - South African R680)
Pulmonologist - SR200 (Australian $60 - American $54 - South African R388)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Appointment with cardiologist

Just got back from the hospital and my first appointment with the cardiologist (Dr. Amal Akkash).
Did ECG and then had consultation which went well. ECG results were fine but doctor wants to do further tests before approving me for surgery. This is what happens when you suffer from high bloody pressure, smoke way too much, are heavily overweight and have a family history of heart problems.

Have an appointment for Wednesday to do a Cardiovascualar stress test using tradmill and then an Echocardiography Doppler test. The cardiologist will be with me during the tests and will make her final decision after that.

It's crazy how stressful going through all of this is. The bariatric surgeon asked me to try and loose some weight before surgery but I find I am actually eating more because I am so stressed....... Husband keeps telling me not to worry and that it will all be fine but everything just keeps going round and round in my head.

Oh well tomorrow is another day and some more tests.

Cardiologist - SR200 (Australian $60, American $54, South African R389)
ECG - SR125 (Australian $38, American $34, South African R243)

Mind is in overdrive

Been home all day and my mind is going crazy with all the "what if's" possible. Am feeling very anxious and nervous about this whole adventure but am hoping and praying that it will all be for the best.

Have an appointment with the cardiologist later tonight so will update after that if I can.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some more appointments

Went to the hospital today as had appointments for my chest x-rays, the ultrasound of my abdomen, appointment with the pulmonologist and one with the bariatric surgeon (Dr Helal) for a follow-up.

Chest X-ray and ultrasound were done first thing in the morning and no hassle with those apart from the long waits........

Saw Dr Tamimi (pulmonologist) who took my history and did a bit of a physical to check lungs. Also had a look at my X-Rays and then discussed my lung function. Says they don't seem to be too bad but that he would like me to do a 1 hour test (Spirometry) to check the lung function properly before surgery. Explained that I could be a higher risk patient post-op because of my smoking (some 30 years) but that he does not anticipate anything major that cannot be dealt with. Dr Tamimi also asked that I see a cardiologist for a check and ECG.

Arrange the tests for Tuesday morning and a follow up with Dr Tamimi straight after.

Next and last appointment of the day was with Dr Helal who went through all the test results so far and through Dr Tamimi's report. Gave me a recommendation for the cardiologist and arranged appointment for follow up after I see the cardiologist so that we can set a date for the operation.

Left Dr Helal and went and arranged appointment for cardiologist and ECG tomorrow night and follow up with Dr Helal on Wednesday.

X-Ray SR125 (Australian $38, American $34, South African R243)
Ultrasound SR750 (Australian $224, American $200, South African R1,459)
Pulmonologist SR200 (Australian $60, American $54, South African R389)
Bariatric Surgeon S125 (Australian $38, American $34, South African R243)