Saturday, September 18, 2010

4 weeks post-op

Another week gone past and weight loss still very very slow :(
It's amazing how it takes us months or years to put on the weight but we expect it to come off in hours or days.............

Loss to date = 11kg (24lbs)
Starting weight 119kg [262lbs] now 108kg [238lbs]
Starting BMI 48 - now 43

Food for the last week has been all mushie type food but trying to concentrate of eating mostly protein as I go.  Can't wait to start trying normal types of food and will slowly start introducing it in the next week.

Am still feeling tired alot of the time and find that I have to nap at least once during the day.  Hopefully I will continue to get more energy with each week :)

I have been getting a bit depressed about not seeing the scales move much over the last 3 weeks but I try to make myself see that I have already lost about 20% of my excess weight.  Fingers and toes crossed that my size will keep going down and that the weight will start coming down as well.

I took some more photos today and if you compare these to the ones I posted from the surgery date you should be able to notice a difference.