Monday, August 30, 2010

1st post-op appointment with surgeon

This morning I woke up with a swollen neck and not feeling quite myself.  The area under my chin had 2 hard lumps and the areas around were red and swollen.  The right side of my neck also had a rash down the side and on the left side I had a rash down from my shoulder to my chest.  No actual pain as such but just not feeling good.

Appointment with the surgeon was this afternoon.  He checked my incisions after removing the tape that was left and was happy with the healing.  Says that the irritation from the plasters will fade so not to worry.
Went through what I had been eating and drinking and I was told that I should be eating more and can start trying new things like fish and red meat.  Just need to keep everything sort of cream consistency.  Also need to up my liquid intake especially by drinking more fruit juices to get the fibre intake up.
Medication wise I now have to start taking calcium and iron supplements and continue taking one of the medications that will protect my pouch and intestines whilst they are still healing.  My 3 other meds for my blood pressure and cholestrol also still continue.  I have never liked taking medication and now I am taking 9 tablets a day.

Well tomorrow is another day and hopefully my neck will be better and I will soon have more energy to start doing some walking / exercise.

Goodnight all................................................